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Beautiful day at the Butterfly Festival!

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What a blessed day I had at the Butterfly Fall Festival in Jasper today! It is always a blessing to meet new people and to see others you haven't seen in awhile.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

I knew the day would be a good one as I listened to the mockingbird singing to me.

I say it was 'singing to me' because I stopped and was thankful for that moment and just LISTENED. 

I wondered to myself, "How many others are listening to the song of the mockingbird...and receiving a gift given freely." Then, I thanked the mockingbird for coming. It was a moment I was grateful for and not taken for granted.

So many times people do not listen.... they 'hear,' but do not listen with their hearts. We are told many times in our lives, "LISTEN TO ME!" while usually the ones shouting are the ones who are not hearing with their hearts.

I was so blessed today, not once, but many times talking to people and sharing my work with them.

Kindness is a beautiful gift that is easily shown to others.

I am so thankful for this day.

I am thankful for my life.

And I am always thankful for YOU!

Be blessed always

Because YOU are blessed!

Teri LaFaye / The Pistol Poet tm