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Join me at The Jasper Gun Show Septemer 23/24

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Join me at: 

Jasper Gun Show

Sep 23rd - 24th, 2017

Pavilion In the Pine

290 Co Rd 252

Jasper, TX 75951

Directions and contact information provided on link.

See you there!! 

Teri LaFaye / The Pistol Poet tm

Jasper Gun Show

True Magic

I was walking in the woods today and it was so silent. There is something magical about silence. Melville called silence the voice of God. I just sat down in the stillness and listened. When you know that feeling and can be alone with only yourself and silence... that is magical.Here's wishing you some magic.Teri [...]

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Babywipe Koosie for wildflowers

Rylee picked me tiny wildflowers yesterday. Eydan said, "MeMe, I made the flowers a babywipe koosie so they wouldn't die." This morning the flowers reminded me to remember the little things because they are really the big things in life. Have a blessed day! Lift someone up before they are down.~~~Teri LaFaye 

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Because it was "the right thing to do"

When I walked into the feed store, I didn’t expect anything life provoking to happen. I was going to order eight fifty pound sacks rye grass seed for our farm. The aisles are narrow and I moved over to accommodate a man in bib overalls coming by me. At the counter was a man in his 70’s wearing a [...]

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EVERY day is Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day..... we buried my daddy the day before Father's Day in 1991. He was killed in a car wreck. Ironically, I had given him his card early saying "I didn't want to be late." I think about that... and how he replied "That's just like you, Teri... you always say that every day [...]

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Mother's Day Memories

It broke his heart to see his mama lying in the nursing home bed. He’d stroke her forehead and even as a little girl, I felt the pain he felt. Daddy hated to see his mother like that. Her bent frame and frail body curled up in a fetal position. I remembered this today….on Mother’s [...]

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Lessons Learned

In my TIBBITS OF KNOWLEDGE BOOK, I wrote "You can get bitter or you can get better." Too many times in life people worry about the little things when they should be concentrating on the GOOD things. I tell my godsons that competition is good and even when you don't win the prize, you are [...]

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For the love of Bonnie!

Not long ago I paid for a stranger's groceries while at Walmart. Since then she and I have kind of adopted each other. We spent the day laughing, talking, reading, sharing TIME. She's 88 and full of life! I love that so much! She even wanted to take pics on my Harley trike and Kenny's [...]

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Humility : my word for today

"The loudest impression WHISPERS."Teri LaFayeA Spirit's Walk (coming soon)

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The most beautiful part of my day is how I begin it. Before opening my eyes, I do my '"thankfuls." I say over and over in my mind things I am thankful for. It's something that begins my days and also ends my nights. So much to be thankful for. I am thankful to live [...]

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